The Mysteries of the Universe


     Since the Stone Age gemstones, also known as crystals have been a powerful influence. Throughout time, all civilizations have studied their mysteries. They hold within them the storehouses of evolution and reveal universal truths.  They are the very catalyst for electricity, flight, astrological pursuits and highly advanced systems in the ancient Atlantean age.  In the Bible, gemstones are referenced hundreds of times. Each gemstone is unique unto itself communicating a vibration or energy to its beholder.  They also transmit and provide healing; support, and return vital energy back to the earth.  In fact, the crystal or gemstone holds the earth’s DNA.

     Gemstones have long been acknowledged as a method of creating greater well-being and a remarkable means of increasing one’s life force or chi. Gemstones are noted to enhance one’s personal life path, augment clarity, enlarge one’s perception, boost personal creativity, and promote compassion.  These descriptions are but a few of a gemstone’s properties.  Through studying their abilities, please note that a gemstone is a naturally occurring crystalline form of a mineral and were created as the earth was formed.

     A crystal or gemstone takes on an outward appearance of its inner qualities.  The crystal and semiprecious stones each emits electromagnetic waves and have healing properties.  In Feng Shui, each aspect of one’s home is relevant to one’s life path and the quality of your experiences and also hold healing properties.  For example, the Career or Journey is located in the front middle section of your home.  If you have a cluttered entrance with overgrown or dead flowers around it, you will have stale chi and less than excellent career advancement opportunities.  However, if the entrance has curb appeal, is clear and you place an onyx close to the doorway, you are inviting in greater prospects for advancement and fulfillment.  The onyx promotes vitality, stamina, and is symbolic of connecting with the Whole of Life.  It is a stone that furtively stimulates wise decision-making enabling one to become self-confident.  The perfect stone for this area is either the obsidian or onyx.  The obsidian provides a shield or protection against all negativity within an environment.  There are several types of obsidians such as the Apache Tear which is heralded as a great comfort during times of grief.  Without going too deep, this area of your home is governed by water and this is where we mourn. Black Obsidian is powerful in helping one's creativity.  Brown Obsidian induces independent thoughts, and Grey regards cooperation in all levels of living; Blue increases one's knowledge, Gold connects one with the all-knowing and Green Obsidian enhances the heart chakra.       

     Standing in your doorway and looking into your home, please note the Self-Cultivation and Knowledge area.  It is located to the far left of the entrance quadrant of your home.  The Lapis Lazuli is an excellent stone to place in this section as it stimulates enlightenment and dissolves emotional repression.  The Family/Roots section is found in the left hand middle section of your environment and is enhanced by the Emerald known as the healing stone. The Emerald promotes positive action assisting one in accessing universal laws of order and to bring forth greater awareness. 

     The Pure Abundance region is found in the upper left hand side of your home and is aligned with the wealth stone-the amethyst.  This is a beautiful stone that sheds its light, stability, and contentment.  It also inspires new ideas.  The Fame and Recognition area is situated at the very back of your home, in the very middle. This is associated with fire and passion-the Sunstone is perfect to enhance this energy.  It is the stone of alchemy transforming the darkness into the Light.

     In the far hand part of your home, dwells the loving energy of Intimate Relationship.  The Rose Quartz has long been associated with the purity, blissful, and the deep commitment of unconditional love.  Its greatest lesson is how to love yourself for in turn; you are then able to fully love another.  The middle right hand side of your home is called Creativity and Children.  The children may be your very own offspring’s or projects that you are pregnant with and are birthing. Joy, joy, joy…the joie de vivre. The King of Crystals of the Diamond inspires creativity, ingenuity, and clarity. 

     In the far right hand front part of your home, please find the Helpful People and Travel aspects.  Symbolic of being a helpful person and being supported by a series of folks who in turn, help you, this mystical area is said to hold the heart of humanity.  It is the celebration of life’s mentors-the pioneers who have boldly created a better way to live by listening to and then by honoring, the call to create peace and love on earth.  Angelite represents kindness at its very best. It provides divine protection, raises the conscious awareness, and promotes balance.

     The center of one’s home is called the Tai Chi/Unity…the place where all of the above life aspects are balanced.  This hub is only as healthy and peaceful as the sections around it.  Jasper is a sacred stone of harmony.  It provides a strong internal center and solid place to reside. It is known as the ultimate nurturer as it balances the yin/yang energies.One of the more precious Jaspers is called the Rose-Eye because it protects one's physical and mental environment. It aides in the process of manifesting your dreams into reality.  Picture Jasper literally looks as if it were painted upon and each picture holds its own mystery or message from the past.  It enhances creative imagery and future time travel. It is a stone for the small business person because its energy inspires abundance. Its earthy scenes connects the owner to the understanding of yesterday with an appreciation for today.  And lastly, the Wonderstone Jasper enlarges the imagination and helps one to walk the path of faith and to believe in the real goodness of life itself.  It helps to disolve depression and for the benefit of pure, peaceful, mental clarity.             

     For more information, please go to and discover how the mystery of your birthstone supports your everyday life.  Wearing or placing crystals/gemstones and/or semiprecious stones in one’s environment creates peace, balance and harmony. Truly, these are the intended state of one’s being.  Be open and allow Feng Shui and the remarkable gemstones to personally reveal the universe’s sacred, multifaceted mysteries. 


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